Once you have the scans, the first thing to do is cleaning. By cleaning, it usually mean preparing the scans so it’s nice and ready for the typesetting and redrawing.

Step 1: Rotation

Make sure the scans are rotated properly. For that, you need to use the Ruler tool first. (Shortcut: I).


Ruler tool

Sometimes we can’t tell just by looking at the scans if it’s straight or not, this is why we need the ruler tool to match a straight line on one of the manga panels.

It doesn’t matter if the line is vertical or horizontal, but try to use the longest line to have a more accurate value since there are times when all the lines have a different values, just like in the example below.





Selecting point A and B

This is where you should put the first pointer of the ruler. (Point A)


Point A

And this should be the second point. (Point B)


Point B

Now that the ruler is in place with both pointer, the only thing left is to actually rotate it.

For that you need to use the rotation tool with arbitrary setting.


Rotation Arbitrary

The correct values will already be entered, just hit OK.

Your page should now be properly rotated with some ugly border that we will deal with the cropping tool later.

Final with rotation

Final with rotation

 Step 2: Cropping

Cropping is almost always needed after rotating since by default Photoshop will add a white or black background under the image. This is pretty straight forward process, but you should only remove the necessary. (don’t go overboard!)

The Cropping tool (Shortcut C), make sure that it’s set to “unconstrained”. Don’t forget to zoom in when cropping.


Cropping tool

Now if i use the same page in the previous example. This is what should be removed.


Removing the extra black border (in Red)

Final cropping

Final cropping

Step 3: Leveling

Now here is one of the…


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